Dress is casual. 

Expect most people to be in jeans and flip flops, or suits and ties, or maybe the occasional pair of pajama pants if you are running late. We don't adhere to any specific dress code, except for what you are comfortable wearing in public. And Pastor Pete will try to keep the pajama pants wearing to a minimum.

Coffee is hot.

We are in the great PNW. We adore our coffee. Enough said.

Music is loud-ish.

We love to worship with music, and we are probably on the louder side for some tastes. Not like earplug loud. Unless you want to wear them. We won't judge. We usually have acoustic and electric guitars and a real, live drum set. Contact us if you'd like to help out musically or with our tech team.

Messages are challenging.

We talk about hot topics. And we turn to the Bible for answers, every time. We also appreciate and value the importance of prayer, fasting, practical dialogue and conversations from people with all sorts of perspectives, and the traditions of the church.

People are friendly.

We highly value community. If you join us, you are a part of that community. We'd like to get to know you, so for all you introverts, be ready to take the uncomfortable step of telling someone your name. But we won't force you to do this during the service.

We use money to pay bills, just like you.

We talk about money, but we believe that what you give is between you and God, and we don't want you to feel any pressure from us to give. So we don't pass a plate. We will have a basket in the back of the facility in case you want to give with cash or by check, but we also heavily encourage people to give online through our giving link at the top of the page. Or just click right here.

We talk about Jesus. Like, a lot.

He's the reason we are here. We don't expect everyone to come through the doors with all the answers. We don't even have all the answers. But we hope we can figure it all out together.